Monday, February 22, 2010

Carolina Christmas Top Done

Well, it only took me two weeks to add the borders, but I got the top for my Carolina Christmas wall hanging done. I'm saving it to go to the long arm quilter next month with a couple of other tops that are already done.

Next project is a twin size quilt for my nephew's high school graduation. It will be black/white/red (he's into newspapers, get it?). I'm hoping to get the top made so that I can deliver all the tops at one time next month. I'm not sure about the pattern, so I guess I'm going to just wing it, for now.

Over the weekend, DD and I went to the Marquette Women's Basketball game. It was a Pink Zone game (everyone, including players, wears pink, in honor of breast cancer awareness). They had a really nice health fair that we did before the game. Here's a cute picture of three of the girls and the Marquette Golden Eagle.

Its snowing again (I know, its still only February), so I guess I need to go out and snowblow. There's only about 1 1/2 inches of snow right now, and its turning to rain. Very heavy, wet snow.

Have a Great Day!

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  1. CC looks great! I really like that striped border.