Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yes, I'm Still Alive!!!

Okay, so September has come and gone and I'm finally posting.  I've got alot to share, so get a cup of coffee, sit back, and relax.

On September 1st DD started 6th grade.  She decided that she needed to dress up for the first day of school -- although I think she was the only girl wearing a dress that day.  Here's our annual picture for the first day of school.  She doesn't have her backpack because we had already gone and practiced the locker combination several times and left the backpack with the 10 tons of school supplies inside.  The little white dots on the picture are the light rain that was falling as we got ready to go.

DD and I have gone to several Milwaukee Brewer games this year, all paid for by someone else:  my company, the softball league, and a supplier.  Here we are at the Red's game in September.  They opened the roof for the game, so it got a little cool after the sun went down.  We had a great time while at this game because we were in a luxery box and could easily get up for stuff to eat, check the football game in the lounge area, or go to the bathroom. 

Earlier in September, we went to a sold out Brewers-Cubs game.  It was at that game that I had to officially change my allegience from the Cubs to the Brewers.  I've never had any Cubs clothing or other paraphanelia, but this year I bought both a Brewers shirt and a cap.  But don't be thinking I'll give up my  BEARS!  I am deffinately not ready for the Pack.

In the middle of September we drove to Ft Wayne to visit friends and experienced the Johnny Appleseed festival.  Apparently it started when I was just a girl, but I don't remember my parents ever taking us to it.  DD and I had a great time, especially eating caramel apples.  And it was great to see our friends.

Last weekend I went to my annual Quilt Camp Retreat in Green Lake, WI.  Its held at the same church camp where DD goes each summer.  The Quilt camp goes from Friday (I arrived around 11am) to Monday afternoon.  This was my 3rd year to go.  There were about 40 women there from all over Wisconsin, and one even brought a friend who flew in from Oregon!  Wow!  Most of us are veteran quilters, but we had a couple of newbies, including some who drafted her own pattern and made a complicated wall hanging for her home. 

For the first 2 days I focused on working on a quilt that I'm making for DD.  It will be a twin size to go on her bed.  Sorry, no pictures yet.  It is full of half square triangles, and by late Saturday evening, I finally ran out of the pre-finished (by me) half square triangles.  I have plenty of fabric, but after all that time, I was ready to work on another project. 

I had brought several other projects with me and pulled out my second priority, a Fall Wallhanging for my entry way.  It is based on a panel that I cut apart and added to it and sewed it back together.  I wanted something for Fall -- to last from September 1st until the Christmas stuff comes out.  I didn't want it to be for Halloween or Thanksgiving, so a Harvest theme fits perfectly.  I hung it this morning and with the pumkin and leaves I bought last year, I think the entry way table looks great!  What do you think?

While at camp, I got up early Sunday morning to get a jump start on sewing.  We sew in the camp dining hall which overlooks Green Lake.  On Sunday morning, I took this great picture of the fog coming up off the lake.  The fog wasn't there when it first became light, then came up off the water for about 45 minutes, then was gone again.  Really cool!

Last night was Homecoming in Port Washington.  We went to the Homecoming parade and the annual Chicken Roast that our church does as a fundraiser.  We were ready to go to the football game when it started to rain.  I had brought a big comforter to keep warm and had umbrellas, but since I knew the bleachers would be cool AND wet, we decided to skip the game and just came home. 

Fall is deffinatlly here now.  I went for a walk this morning and it was about 48 degrees.  I had to pul the hood up on my sweatshirt and even tie it shut to keep my ears warm!  Its not quite full color season yet, but maybe this coming weekend will be great.  There are leaves on the ground and a cool bite to the air.  We bought apple cider at the Farmer's Market this morning and I think I'll make hot apple cider with cinnomon sticks in it.  Yummm!

Hope you've enjoyed hearing what we've been up to and I hope to be writing again soon.

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  1. I love the way the wall hanging come out!!!! Great job.