Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bonnie's Carolina Christmas

I've been working this week on Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Chistmas mystery quilt. Well, I cheated, so it wasn't a mystery to me. I decided that I really didn't want a big bed sized quilt (even though I have plenty of fabric for it). I switched around the green and the gold colors and it isn't as scrappy as the ones that she has done before, but I think I really like it. Let me know what you think. I don't think I'll sew together the blocks for another day or so.
Its been really cold here in Wisconsin this past week. And it snowed twice. I got the snow blower fixed so at least I didn't have to shovel by hand.
Other than the snow, cold, and the quilting, things have been pretty slow around here. We've just been busy getting back into the swing of things with school and work. Its amazing how resistant DD is about doing homework now that we're back from vacation. But grade cards are coming up in a few weeks, so when she doesn't want to do her homework, I remind her about the money she'll get when the good grades come in (and conversely, the lack of money if she doesn't do well).
Oh, yeah, the other thing going on is that we're selling Girl Scout cookies again. DD took the selling sheet to church this morning and did pretty good. But with temperatures in the single digits, we just couldn't find it in us to go door to door today. We've got several weeks, so maybe next weekend.
Hope everyone is keeping warm!


  1. I haven't piped up in awhile....I didn't realize you were getting so far with Car. C'mas! I'm still back on Step 2!

    Sooooo envious of your time in Florida! You ready for Spring here yet?? **wink**

  2. I like your color combo and the blocks in your quilt project.