Friday, April 2, 2010

Quilt Top Done!

This quilt is for my nephew who is graduating from high school later this spring.  I'm hoping he'll take it to college with him.  I created the layout (I know it's nothing original) in EQ, then executed the design pretty close to how I did it on the computer.  I didn't realize it would be so big.  I think its big enough for a full size bed.  I had to go shopping for more black to do the last border (ah shucks, right?) and I think it turned out pretty cool.  Sorry the bottom corners are cut off.  My living room isn't very big (floor space wise) and I had to stand on the ottoman AND hold the camera over my head just to get this picture.  I felt like one of those photo journalists who hold their cameras up when the stars go by in the hope that something will turn out.

I called my longarmer earlier in the week and she's on vacation until after I leave for the hospital.  So once I get out, I'll have to give her a call and set up a time to go up to her place and give her the top and backing.  I would just leave it on her front porch (she lives in a pretty isolated area), but I want to pick out and discuss the quilting pattern, so we'll need to talk face-to-face.

My surgery is in 4 days. Double knee replacement surgery.  I'm getting kinda scared, but speaking quite frankly, I can't get around very well at all anymore, so this is the best decision.  My boss isn't very happy about me having to take the time off, but he sees me hobbling around the office and I think that he knows that I don't have much choice.

Have a wonderful and blessed Easter and I hope your Spring comes soon (our crocuses are in bloom and there are tight buds on the trees, but that's about it).


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  1. Double knee replacement! Good luck. I had an aunt have the same surgery recently and she was up and around again in an amazingly short time. The quilt looks great. I hope the quilting turns out well.