Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back to Work!

Well, after 7 weeks of double knee surgery rehabilitation, I'm back at work.  I know you'll all wondering how much quilting did I get done.  Well, quite frankly, not much at all. 

I was in the hospital for about 1 week, then in a rehab facility for 3 weeks (and didn't even have internet access!).  After I got released from rehab (boy, that makes it sound like I was in a drug rehab, but I can assure you that was NOT the case), I picked up the quilted top from my long armer and my sewing machine from the sewing repair shop where it was getting its annual loving care.  Since then, I sewed the binding strips together, attached them to the quilt, and have been hand sewing the back of the binding down.  Its about 3/4 done and only needs maybe 45 minutes of hand sewing and then it will be DONE!  But life (as always) has been pretty hectic and I just haven't had time lately.  Of course, the graduation was last weekend (but we didn't go), so I need to finish it this week so I can give it to him soon.  I'll post a picture later this week.

I signed up for a swap over at Quiltville swap, so I know I need to get going on that very quickly, too.

I just wanted to let those of you who follow me know that I'm among the living and am getting my strength back from the surgery.  It went well and the pain is much better and I'm working on my stamina.

Hope you all are having a great spring.  My garden (although very neglected) looks great!

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