Friday, July 2, 2010

Jared Progress

Well, I have 9 Jared blocks done and laid out on the living room floor to see how I like it.  I really like how the dark pink chains "link" it all together, but I see trouble brewing where I'll have to match all the blue points where the blocks meet.  So I think I'm back to considering a sashing between the blocks again.  I just saw another Jared where the sashing was the beige back ground color and I liked that it added space without throwing another color into the mix.  I'm concerned if I have enough of the background fabric, tho.  I'm pretty sure I know where I bought it (Banner Crafts in the next town over), so maybe since I'm on a vacation day I'll pop over there and see if they have anymore.  All of their fabric is in the flat, so its a little harder to find things, but the quality is quite good for not being a LQS.

DD is in summer school every morning (mostly fun stuff:  sand volleyball, band, choir, and math) until the end of July, so that helps out alot on the day-care bill for the summer.  She just turned 11, so this is the last year of day care anyway.  Her maturity is nearly to the point where I'm thinking of letting her come home everyday after school (in the fall) by herself, unless its a no-school day or an early release day.  Some days she acts very mature, and some days she acts like she's still 2.  I guess that's par for the course. 

We're going to my dad's for the weekend as soon as DD gets out of summer school at noon.  We spend nearly all our holidays with him, its good for both us and him!

Have a wonderful, exploding 4th of July!

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  1. Looking lovely Laurel! Mine has taken the back-burner for the moment...

    As for DD; my mom didn't have much of a choice; by 5th grade, I was home alone after school. We had one condition: I called her at work everyday when I arrived home off the bus. One other condition (and this could be GOOD for you!!!!); I needed to wash up any dishes and needed to start laundry on "laundry days."