Monday, July 26, 2010

Jared Progress

During a very busy weekend, I found sometime to sew together the blocks and sashing for Jared.  Its looking pretty good.  I just need to add the borders, and I'll be done (with the top).

This past weekend DD's softball team was in their league tournament.  So we had a game Friday night, two on Saturday (that had a delay from 9am to noon due to a soggy, wet field), and a 4th on Sunday.  If the team was one of the top 2 teams, they would qualify for the Championship.  Well, after the 4th game, we were 2-2, but so were 2 other teams, so off to the tie breaker (based on total runs scored, and not more games).  We won the tie breaker and at 1pm on Sunday played in the Championship game.  We played the #1 team (undefeated all season) and lost 6-3,  But the girls got silver metals.  And the Championship game was pretty exciting in that it was held at the "big field" with bleachers and a concession stand.  Since they had a PA, they announced each girl at the beginning of the game, then when they came to bat and then again as they awarded the metals.  I'm an awful parent; I forgot my camera and didn't get any pics.

After the last game (except that we have 2 more this week, just for fun), we came home and rested for a few hours, then we had a band concert at the band shelter.  DD's 6th grade band played and sounded pretty good for kids that had only been playing 1 full year.  DD is in the front row in blue, turned around and talking to her friend in the trumpet section.  You can't see her face, its behind the music stand.  The big girl next to her is in high school, kind of a teachers aid.

In case we weren't totally pooped (which I was), we then (its now 7:15 at night) went down to the Port Pool where the softball/baseball leagues had rented the big pool for the evening.  DD swam with her buddies and I did one lap with my knees and gave up.  It was too cold and my knees weren't ready for that kind of movement yet.

Today at work, I told my boss I needed a few days off to recuperate from my weekend and he just laughed.  Have you had weekends like that?

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  1. It does sound like you could use a few days to recover from your days off. I feel like that all the time. Congratulations on DD's silver medal! She seems to be keeping you pretty busy these days. Jared looks terrific! Such a great pattern and your fabric choices are a great fit. Is this one for a special purpose, or just because?