Friday, January 21, 2011

Midnight Snow

Midnight Snow

I saw the sample of this quilt at my LQS and for the FIRST TIME EVER, wanted to make a quilt like the sample.  They didn't have any kits or patterns, so I made notes, bought the fabric that they still had, came home and ordered the rest off the internet, and started this quilt between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I added the pieced border and I think its the first time I ever put a block on point. Earlier this week I finished it.  Instead of taking it to my longarmer, I quilted it myself on my DSM.  Not extremely happy with the quilting job, but happy enough not to tear it out.  I'm keeping it and going to use it as a throw on the couch for the winter, even though its big enough for a queen sized bed (sigh). 

Tomorrow I take the big Christmas Irish Chain top to my longarmer along with our church raffle quilt top which is going to be raffled off next September.  I need to iron both backs tonight.   I'll show you those as they come back home.

Next... I started cutting out strips for a new Trip Around the World from new fabric that I bought when I was in FL over the holidays.

Today the temperature was -8 degrees when DD and I went out this morning (me to work and she to day care since it was a no school day).  Tonight when we got home it was -2.  We're not expecting it to warm up any tonight or tomorrow.  But a heat wave of 18 degrees is expected for the Bears/Packer game on Sunday.

Hope you all are staying warm!  Go Bears!


  1. **GASP**


    Go Bears?!?!?!?! But you are a Wisconsinite!!!! That would be like me saying "Go Vikings" since I live closer to MN than Green Bay...........Nuh-uh! No way! Packers all the way! :0)

    Okay, Okay, Okay....I'll let it slide only because the Midnight Snow is so purdy! Can't wait to see the other quilts when they are back.....

    Enjoy the game.

  2. What a beautiful quilt! Are the snowflakes a panel block or quilting design?