Friday, April 3, 2009

Beatles Concert

Weds evening I went to a Beatles concert. No, the Fab Four were not there, but all of the 4th graders at my daughter's school put on a Spring Concert. They all had to wear white shirts and black bottoms. When the curtain came up, the stage was dark and slowly started to light up. As one, all of the kids pulled the sunglasses out of no where and started to sing "Here Comes the Sun". We loved it. DD is right in the front/middle next to the little boy. There's about 100 kids in the 4th grade class. The music teacher made all the little ties, they were just pieces of black fabric with a safety pin at the top. So cute.
The kids sang seven songs, including "Here Comes the Sun", "Let it Be", Hey Jude", Blackbird", "Ob-la-di", and you guessed it, "Yellow Submarine". Most of the background music was pre-recorded, but one of the 4th grade boys accompanied the choir to "Let it Be" on the piano. He's very talented and the music teacher said he'd been taking piano for 4 years.
The Beatles were done before I really started listening to music, so I've never really been a fan of theirs. But DD has been so gung-ho about the Beatles that I said I would add some of their songs to our iPod. I do have the album "1" already and it's loaded on, but several of the songs that she knows aren't on that album. So I went on iTunes and was flabbergasted to see that the other Beatles albums aren't available for downloading. Huh.... So I went on eBay and found one that had the songs we were looking for. Should be coming in the mail early next week.
What was pretty cool was that before the concert started and people were still coming in, I stood up at my seat to look for another parent. I was amazed that I recognized 90% of the parents from other events, etc. Maybe not by name, but usually by their kid's names and it felt pretty cool to think that we've all be together supporting our kids for the past 5 years (including kindergarten) and that we'll continue to see each other for another 8 years. DD and I moved to this town when she was just 2 and we didn't know anyone at that time. Of course now I know people from church and other moms from Girl Scouts, dance, and gymnastics, but I hadn't realized that the school is such a big community within the bigger community. Pretty cool, huh?
Next week the 4th graders start learning to play the recorder (what we called the song flute in my elementary school days). I can't wait. :)

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