Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard and More

Like most of the Midwest, we got socked Monday and Tuesday with more snow.  Monday was the dreaded Lake Effect snow, then on Tuesday started the good stuff.  I got off of work early on Tuesday to pick up DD.  It didn't take me as long as I expected to drive home and since I had a few minutes before school let out, I went down to the harbor to take a few pictures.

Snow blowing off the ice flows towards the bluffs

Port Washington Light House drenched with frozen spray
Both school and work were cancelled for today, so after I got up and around this morning, I went out to clear the driveway.  It was quite a lot of work since I had a 3 foot drift stacked up against my garage door and a 4 foot pile of snow courtesy of the snow plow at the foot of the driveway.  I have a smaller snow blower (I can actually pick it up to put it into my car when I need to take it to the shop), so I had to use the snow shovel to reduce the height of the drifts and piles so I could blow the rest away with the snow blower.  The sidewalks have to be done per city regulations (or else you get a ticket), and the snow there was up to the top of the snow blower housing.  It was really tough going.  I was out there about an hour; usually, I can snow blow the driveway in about 30 minutes.

But once I got the driveway done, I was able to come back in and QUILT!  I worked most of the day on my new Trip Around the World and got the first half of the top done.  I just took this picture and still have time for most of another quarter to go before the end of the day (I hope).

DD has gone for the evening to play with a friend, so I have the house to myself.  What a luxury!

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  1. Man it looks COLD! Something about water and snow that makes everything look VERY cold:) Love the quilt, glad you had time to work on it (I also got to quilt that day.) Mark was out clearing snow (with the snow blower) for about 5 hours (man we have a lot of snow to clear.).