Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chicken Marsala!

When I went to the grocery store, it took longer to find the Marsala wine in the alcohol section than the entire rest of the trip.  I finally asked, and after the customer service manager looked for awhile, we got the store manager and he came and walked right up to it.  There were 4 rows of various wines and only ONE Marsala.  But I got home, pounded the heck out of two chicken breasts, doubled the amount of mushrooms, and ended up with a very yummy dinner.  DD ate all her mushrooms, all her noodles, and about 20% of one of the chicken breasts.  Then asked for a PBJ.  Oh well.  So she's not a gormet.


  1. looks yummy how did you make it????

  2. YUM....Please share your recipe with me! I love to eat Chicken Marsala at the Cheesecake Factory and have yet to try it!
    Thanks for letting me know about your blog.