Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Enough to Freeze Spit

Well its -4 degrees here this morning and colder than a witch's ..... well, you know what I mean.

This morning when I let Molly, our golden retriever out, she went out and peed, then turned around and looked at me as if to say, "boy is it cold out here". I let her back in and she came without a hesitation.

Its so cold here that school is closed today. DD is at after school care for the entire day. She took her DS and all of her games and is very excited to have a day to play with her friends without the school part. Tomorrow is also supposed to be very cold, so we'll see if they cancel school two days in a row.

My car needed a new battery on Tuesday, then last night (Weds) the "check engine" light came on as I was entering our small town. Of course, the garage that I had the previous repair done was already closed for the night, so we drove up there this morning on my way to work. I didn't want to take any chances that something major would go wrong since its so cold out. It didn't look like they had very much work there this morning, so one of the guys was able to get right on it. He came back out to me about 10 minutes later (I only had time to read two sections of the paper) and said that the "EGR" pin had been stuck but that he cleared the problem on the computer and couldn't get the problem to duplicate itself. So, with no charge, I was on my way.

Last night I pieced 8 quarters of a new Bento Box quilt (I'm still waiting for the border fabric to come in for the flagstone quilt). I just used some of my stash of blue fabrics. I'll post pictures of the 8 mini blocks soon. Now that I have the method down (I had to figure out my own sizes, etc since I didn't have a pattern and just copied what I had seen in others' pictures), I should be able to put together several more tonight.

Keep warm and take care.


  1. It's really cold here, too (MI), but I'm not complaining too much because a friend who lives in Minneapolis told me it was -20 there.
    Definitely good weather for stoking the stove and staying inside!

  2. Welcome to blog land Laurel! I see you're following my blog--thanks dear!
    It's 10:45pm right now, and my school (Shell Lake) is already closed for tomorrow, along with MANY local schools.
    Sorry to read about the "yuck" day, but glad the new battery seems to be working and that the "engine light" wasn't anything serious.
    Happy Thursday

  3. I hope you will be able to get to the Anderson Arts Center to see my show.
    Of course I'd love to meet you at the opening tomorrow, but if you can't make that please come at your convenience.