Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Night....Ahhhhhh

Well, its Sunday night, DD just got put to bed, and my flagstone quilt is about 40% (machine) quilted. The border fabric came in and I picked it up on Friday after work. I put it on last night and this morning pin basted it after church. It looks awsome. Pics to come after I get it off of the machine.

I still haven't decided what to do about the Bento Box borders, but I really like the pop of the red, too.

DD pulled a fast one tonight. Just before going to bed, she announced that she has a sore throat (there's strep going around her classroom; of course, she hasn't been there in five days). She admitted that she had it earlier today (when she went to the movies with a friend) and yesterday (when she went swimming at the Y with said friend). Funny how she didn't mention it before doing any of those activities. Oh well.

Back to the grind tomorrow. Hope you all have a good week.



  1. oldest daughter said she had a sore throat today, too.
    Looking forward to seeing the pics.....

  2. kids :) wonder how she is today. Looking forward to seeing Bento Box Borders I'm not familiar with that name.