Saturday, January 17, 2009

Need Advise Fast....

Okay, friends and family, I need some advise. I sewed all the blocks together for my Bento Box quilt and now its time for the border. I'm not much for borders, DO NOT want to do a pieced border, just something simple. I went to look at my blue fabrics again to choose the border and I caught a piece of Christmas fabric out of the corner of my eye. So, here are the pictures, do you like the blue border or the red one?

I also thought about putting the red and the blue together (red first, blue outside) for a double border, but I don't know if I have enough blue.
Thanks for any and all advise.


  1. You asked, so here you go.....
    Are the strips 2" finished? I'm assuming this.......
    I would do one red 2" border and then would do one final blue border twice the width (4" finished). I DO like the look of the red, but I would "bring it all back together" with a final blue border. If you only do the blue, it gets "lost". So, if you only do a blue, do it 4" and not just 2".

    That red is a great idea!
    Hmmm...I can't "sign in" to post, so I'm Anonymous---SORRY
    Amy (lilme2_99)

  2. I like what Amy said. But you said you may not have enough of the blue for a 2nd border? Maybe if you went 1 inch finished for the red, and 2 inch finished for the blue? That way the red would add *pizzazz* but wouldnt be too much. I do like the red and think it should be included!

  3. I guess I agree with Amy and Angela. If it were mine, I'd either go with just the blue for a nice monochromatic look, or do a narrow strip of red followed by a wider strip of blue. If you have enough blue to do it, the red does add a little surprise factor. ;o)

    By the way, the blocks look fantastic. Nice job!

  4. It sounds as if you have lots of ideas from people who quilt. I definitely liked the pop of red, but you know me -- limits the area in which you can use it (nuts, huh?)


  5. I really like the red, but worry that it stand out too much in an otherwise monochromatic quilt. Maybe just in a very small amount, a thin 1 inch strip or even just a row of piping held in by an outer blue border. Very cute quilt.

  6. if you are doing a red border, i'd make it about 1" finished, too. it does add a nice pop of color. and then finish if off with a blue border. the quilt looks great. it's a fun pattern, isn't it?