Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bad Night....

No quilting or sewing done last night. Instead, I got an email yesterday from DD's 4th grade teacher that we have a bit of a problem. Suffice it to say that our problem is HOME WORK and the HOME WORK is not getting done. So I spent 3 1/2 hours last night working on HOME WORK with my darling DD.

The most interesting part to me is that when I was in elementary school, I lived in Indiana. So we learned things about General Anthony Wayne, Battle of Tippecanoe, Salt Licks, etc. Well, DD has to learn about people I never heard of (Pere Marquette - okay, I know there's a Wisconsin State Park named that; LaSalle, Nicolet - okay, I know there's a High School near Milwaukee named that, etc). What I find is so interesting is that in today's society of very mobile families that the elementary curriculum is very localized in nature. Yes, 40 years ago when I was in 4th grade, the US was not as mobile. Now however, society is very mobile and how will DD ever need to know who was the first white man in Wisconsin? Is that any more relevant than the first white man in Indiana (and I have no idea who that was)? But a fully 50% of her grade for the social studies test is based on the names and accomplishments of these Wisconsin explorers. Very interesting.

Of course, I did get up early this morning and took the backing for the Bento Box quilt (which I had to piece and was sitting on the back of my couch for the past 2 weeks) and ironed it so that its ready to get sandwiched. I had to at least touch some of my fabric. I didn't want to get withdrawal or something.

Have a good one.

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