Monday, February 23, 2009

Lousey Weekend.....

How come when you have all these great thoughts of what you're going to accomplish on a weekend, then the weekend comes and you don't get 10% done that you wanted to?

Saturday morning started out really good (although the weather was bad). Since I work full time, I don't let a little weather slow me down on running all my errands on Saturday, so as soon as DD got her butt out of bed, off we went. Ran several errands in the driving snow (did get to the re-sale shop and got 5 more plaid shirts), including picking up Girl Scout cookies that she sold and we needed to deliver. Got home, unloaded the car with GS cookies (which filled up my family room) and spent two hours sorting and bagging all the orders. Many of the cookies were to people at church, so we (okay, I) really wanted to get them all ready to take to church on Sunday morning.

After the GS cookies, I decided that I really needed to sweep the kitchen and other linoleum floors downstairs as the dog hair (we have a Golden Retriever) was really getting icky. From there it seemed only the right thing to do to run the vacuum on the rest of the downstairs. Housework has always been my downfall and Saturday was no exception. DD did help as she unloaded and then loaded the dishwasher.

About 4pm, I decided that I should go out and snowblow the driveway (it had been snowing a little over 12 hours and I had about 5 inches in the driveway). I got the snowblower running and on the first trip down the driveway my boot hit a patch of ice and I went down with a thud right on my tailbone. There was no windmilling of the arms, no real slipping, just a powerful whump as I landed on my butt. It was quite painful and as I was laying there in the driving snow in the late afternoon dusk, I wondered how long I would lay there before someone came to help me. I quickly realized that freezing to death would probably happen first, so I rolled over to see if I still had use of my lower extremities (I did!) and pushed myself back to my feet. I pushed the snowblower back up to the garage to get it re-started (it has electric start which means that I don't have to pull the cord, but I do have to plug it in and push the button for it to start). For some reason, a split second before I fell, the snowblower engine died. I got it restarted and proceded to blow the driveway. I fell a second time (same patch of ice), but I had time to twist when I fell, so I landed on my hip instead of my butt. So after 20 minutes of snowblowing and using the shovel where the snowblower won't fit (on my front porch and steps), I dragged my butt inside to proceed to whine about how bad I felt and that I couldn't go pick up DD's overnight guest because I didn't want to go back out and even sit in the car. DD called her friend and said friend's mom offered to have my DD spend the night at their house and even come pick her up.

I was in second heaven. I would have all night to myself! But could I sit there by the sewing machine and sew? No, only about 15 minutes at a time, then I needed to get up and walk around. So I got the one block for the Thangles BOM put together. Of course, I found an error in the directions for the block which means that the BOM kits I have do not have enough of one of the fabrics (its the 3 piece block in the upper left on the photo in the previous post). It should be aqua on three corners and brown only on one corner.

Sunday I picked up DD on the way to church. She had a total attitude (although she was good with her customers) with me and of course, by this time, the last thing I wanted to do was more GS cookies. But we finished and only came home with about 10% of the church orders unclaimed. Because she had mouthed off, she was grounded to her room for the rest of the day, other than homework that she had to get done and a dinner party that had been scheduled (with my friends). When it was her bedtime, I started to go upstairs to tuck her in and she met me at the top of the stairs and said she was okay and that I didn't have to come up stairs (remember, I'm still really sore from my fall the day before). I should have been suspicious, but I made her promise me she would go right to sleep. An hour and a half later when I was heading upstairs (my slippers make a lot of noise on the linoleum) she heard me coming and started making minor crashes and running around. So when I got to her room, she was in bed with the blanket pulled over her but the light was on and she still had her glasses on her face. I told her how disappointed I was and how I guess I couldn't trust her when she promised me something and what would Grandpa and Aunt Jennifer say when I told them what she had done. She starts bawling and I just ignored her and continued to get myself ready for bed.

This morning she asked me what Aunt Jennifer said. So now I know who she's worried about disappointing -- not me!

So that was my weekend. I'm still really sore and think I'm going to call it a day pretty soon and go home and take some more Aleve and maybe sit in a hot tub for a while. I don't think anything is broken because now it doesn't hurt to sit down (I DO have a lot of padding back there) and I think its just muscle aches.

Maybe I should be glad to be back at work....

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  1. Oh Laurel, Laurel, Laurel....
    you may be searching for some sympathy here....??? But seriously girl! You have me LAFFFFFIN in stitches right now! I am seriously wiping "laffin tears" from my eyes. That "whump" description had me rolling! SO much, in fact, that my DH was dying to hear what I was laughing so hard at.
    You poor dear----all giggling aside, I do hope the Aleve/Ibuprofin worked for you. As for your daughter, I can only say my years are yet to come. 8, 5, 3 year olds for me right now........

    Happy Monday!