Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trip Around the World is DONE!

I got up early this morning and hand sewed the binding onto the back of my Trip Around the World quilt. I stated this quilt in October at a quilting retreat and now its done! I had alot of starts and stops with this one, mostly between major steps (flimsy done, then waited 3 months to get it to the long arm quilter, back from the long arm quilter and waited 3 weeks before putting on the binding, etc). I think I'm going to name it Pilgrim's Trip (the retreat was at a place called Pilgrim Center in Green Lake, WI).

Here's a close up of the quilting. I'm glad I went and had a professional quilt it for me. I would have been just sick if I had tried to do it myself and screwed it up.

I'm really pleased with it. These are definitely MY colors. You know how it is, some colors just speak to you.

On to my next project, a throw for my dad in FL.

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