Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Florida Shell Quilt Update

Over the weekend I got the top for my Florida Shell Quilt put together. I think it is turning out pretty nice. I've been machine quilting is (meandering) for the past several evenings and am about half done. So hopefully, by the end of this weekend it will be done!

Of course, my dad left FL for his northern home yesterday, so now it won't go to FL until next fall. But I can always give it to him for his birthday (July), so it won't be all bad.

Saturday DD and I went to West Bend. They have a quilt store there that I had never been to and have been wanting to go (West Bend is about 30 minutes away). Although DD made the grumpy noise about going to a quilt store, the first things she did was say "there's no material here that are my colors!" I pointed her to the next aisle over where she found the brights. She picked out a backing fabric and was soon pulling out coordinating fabrics for the front. I bought her FQ of each of her fabrics and 2 yards for the backing. Maybe this weekend she'll want to work on it.

Sunday at church I made a final plea for someone to take my piano. I just never play it. I got it (for free) from the church about 5 years ago when they were replacing the piano with a new one. I had a notice put in the bi-monthly newsletter a few weeks ago and although I got a couple inquiry phone calls, nothing ever panned out. I was going to put it on Craigs List if necessary, but was a little concerned over who might be showing up at my door. Well, someone at church (who I know well) said they were interested and on Sunday afternoon her husband and DF came and picked it up. Now I have room for an official cutting table! I'm thinking of completing changing my dining room (which currently houses my computer and bookshelves and no dining table anyway) into a sewing area. But I think for now I'll just add the cutting table.

Last night was Girl Scouts and I had some quilts that I had bound to give back to the girls and got 4 more quilts that need the binding. I got a lot of complements from other moms on how excited the girls were to make the quilts. How fun is that! Maybe I'll put together a workshop later this summer and see if girls want to come and quilt some more. I think I could use the church so we wouldn't have to go out of town and we could just order in pizza instead of cooking. Sounds like an idea. Hmmm......

Have a good rest of your week!

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