Sunday, March 1, 2009

Florida Sea Shell Throw

I got started this weekend on the throw I'm making for my Dad in Florida. He comes back up north at the end of March, so I have a real incentive to get this done quickly. I bought the fabric (Wilmington's Weekend Getaway) while in Florida during our Christmas vacation in December.

This throw will be a big one that he can pull over himself while napping in front of the TV.

DD had another friend spend the night Saturday night, so they have been very busy all day today playing on the computer. I laid out the blocks on the living room floor early this afternoon to look at how they would look and went back to cut out more blocks from the panel fabric. I came back 30 minutes later and the two girls were playing Barbie in the middle of the fabric. They weren't using the fabric in their play, just sitting on it and messing up the layout. I couldn't believe it. I know that lots of people have trouble with pets who want to be part of the action, but I didn't think I'd have that problem with a couple of 9 year old girls!

Otherwise, this was a much better weekend than the last one. Ran a few errands on Saturday (including a trip to the library where I came away with 20 pounds of books) and went to church this morning. Delivered a few more Girl Scout cookies to DD's customers and then took Molly, our 3 year old Golden Retriever to the pet store, which has a do-it-yourself bathing area. Molly loves to roll in other animals (mostly wild animals) poop, and with the deer and rabbits that roam in our backyard, she's been smelling pretty ripe. I couldn't stand it long enough to wait for an appointment at the groomer, so off we went to clean her up. It was a wild experience, but well worth the small amount of money it cost. And now she smells nice and clean.

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  1. Your dad will like this quilt...very pretty.