Thursday, March 12, 2009

More About Girls Scouts

Well, it's taken me a lot more time to cut all the fabric than I anticipated (of course, we've been out of the house every night this week with Camping Club meeting, Girl Scout meeting, and gymnastics). I finally finished the fabric last night around 11pm. Tonight after work I'm going to WalMart to pick up the rest of the things we'll need (batting, thread, pins, needles, etc).

I hope that tonight I can get the batting all cut out and get the felt shapes all cut out (see post below). I bought EQ6 so I plan to put together some simple blocks to give me the shapes for the felt. And of course, I still need to finish the laundry that I started yesterday (yes, I know I said I was going to do it on Monday, but it didn't get downstairs until Weds morning).

Then Friday night I'll put together the portable design board I'm making. I already pulled all of the magazines and a couple of books that I want to take. I still need to find all of my rulers.

Saturday morning I'll play with my new photo printer and camera and make sure they all work well together.

And of course, all of my own equipment needs to be labeled!

We're dropping off the dog at 12 noon on Saturday and meeting the other GS at 2pm. I think I will be ready. Uhhgggg! Anything else????????

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  1. Laurel!
    1-2-3-BREATHE! *chuckle* My head is spinning after reading that whirlwind of events. Enjoy the weekend; I'm sure all your preparations will go rewarded once you see the quilts from the girls.