Thursday, June 11, 2009

4th Grade Field Trip to Madison

Last Friday I chaperoned DD's 4th grade field trip to Wisconsin's state capital in Madison, WI. Since I grew up in Indiana, I had never been to the Wisconsin state capital. I found it really a great place to see. Here's a picture of the front of the capital building.

We had a great tour guide (we were in a group of about 50 kids and 10 adults) who was very knowledgeable about the building, its history, and events.

The rooms in the 2nd floor wings had beautiful glass ceilings to let in the light. Of course, I saw quilt patterns everywhere!

This is the parquet floor in one of the conference rooms. Look familiar?

There were wonderful mosaics on the wall around the rotunda. This one was my favorite one; its Lady Liberty. Sorry the picture is so bad, I took it from about 100 feet away (across the rotunda).

This is the railing for the gallery overlooking the assembly room. See the "W" in the iron work for Wisconsin?

More wonderful architecture in the main area of the wings (2nd floor). Alot of natural sunlight with the glass ceilings and this clerestory.

After we went to the capital building, we went to the museum, then to the Cave of the Mounds just west of Madison. Pretty cool caves, easily accessible, and great colors and formations. Here's DD in front of some formations inside the cave.

And here's DD curled up on her seat in the bus for the trip back to the school. She took a 45 minute nap on the way back (so did her teacher and the principal, but they didn't curl up in the seat like she did).

It was a great trip and I'm glad I went.

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