Friday, June 26, 2009

Charm Bag Complete!

I down loaded this charm bag pattern from Moda Bake Shop (thanks, Amandajean!) and put together this charm bag this week. This is a bday present for my niece, who just turned 14. Isn't it cute? I put a big pocket inside, a little cell phone pocket, and a clip for keys, etc (I hate trying to find my keys in the bottom of my purse).

It's been really hot here in Wisconsin this week. Not that I'm complaining, I'm a very summer gal. Dad called me at work Monday early afternoon to let me know he was coming up for DD's softball game. Since it was 15 degrees cooler here by the lake than at his house, he stayed 2 days. He knows that he's always welcome and could have stayed longer. The heat let up and now its much better (high of 85 today).

Today is DD's 10th birthday. She's still sleeping in, of course. For her birthday I'm taking her and two of her friends to the Milwaukee Zoo. She got her big present last night, a grown up digital camera. She went out and snapped pictures in the back yard: the flowers, the strawberry plants, the tomato plants, the hose, the dirty deck chair, the grass, and herself. We haven't loaded them onto the computer yet but its a Kodak, so I think its going to take great pictures for her. She'll take it to the Zoo today.

There won't be much quilting from me this week. My mom is coming up from FL and will be visiting next Thursday. So that means I need to start cleaning house, including all my quilting stuff that is all over the downstairs. Oh well, the house needs it anyway.

Have a great weekend.

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