Monday, June 15, 2009

The Best Laid Plans....

Well, my weekend sure didn't turn out like I had planned.

Originally, I had made camping reservations at a nearby State Park. You know, one of those places that you have to make reservations about a year in advance if you want to get in. But DD's Girl Scout troop had scheduled an outing at a big hotel with an indoor waterpark over in the Dells. So on Thursday evening (before I bought groceries for the camping trip) DD and I had a real heart to heart talk and she said she really wanted to go on the GS trip. Since the weather was supposed to be iffy, I wasn't going to fight this one too bad. So I cancelled the reservations (only getting back 50% of the money), called the GS leader and got DD signed up for the trip.

I was pretty excited about having about 36 hours to myself. I made plans to go to some movies and go out for dinner and get lots of quilting done!

Friday evening when I picked up DD from the day care center after work, she seemed pretty tired and admitted that she had fallen asleep on the playground (under the trees in some shade inthe grass). I knew that was pretty unusual, so I kept an eye on her. By bed time, she felt hot and after taking her temp (101.3) I warned her that if she was still running a temp in the morning, I would have to call the GS leader and advise that she was not going on the trip after all. Jr Tylenol was provided and off to bed she went.

I woke her several times in the night to take her temp and give her more Jr Tylenol. At 6am, her temp was back at 101.? and I told her that she wasn't going on the trip. Thank goodness, there was no big melt down. I think she knew she was really sick and although was disappointed, didn't feel like doing anything.

I took her to the doctor Saturday morning and although he took a strep culture (strep was in her classroom a few weeks ago), he said it was just some virus going around. Just keep giving her Jr Tylenol and some cough drops if she wanted them.

Her temp stayed down most of the morning and early afternoon, but by 3pm, she was running a high fever again. At bedtime, it was back up to 102. She went to bed in my bed for the night. It was a long night. At one point her temp was 103.5. I swore that if it went above 104 that we were going to the hospital, but it never got that bad. The poor kid kept asking if she was going to die!

Sunday morning, she was running a little temp, only 100.7. We stayed at home and by late afternoon, her temp was back to normal. The GS leader stopped by early Sunday evening and brought DD a stuffed animal from the hotel because she was so sorry that DD couldn't make the trip and was home sick. How sweet was that!

So I didn't get to see any movies (just some DVDs that I had at home). I didn't get to go out to dinner (I think I ate popcorn Saturday night). And I got very little quilting done.

The top is done for my Spring Blossom Mini Quilt. I just need to sandwich it and quilt it. It needs to be in the mail by Saturday. I hope I make it.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening cutting the pieces for my Bonnie Hunter workshop on Weds. I thought it would be no problem, probably take me an hour or so. Oh, no. I think I ironed and cut for about 5 hours. Now, I was watching the HBO mini series John Adams so I wasn't 100% cutting the whole time. But I thought I'd get a chance to sandwich the mini quilt and maybe even get most of the quilting done so that all I'd have left was the binding.

But, the best laid plans.....

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  1. I'm so sorry your weekend didn't work out the way you planned. Thankfully though, the virus wasn't too serious. With everything going around now, it is a relief to have just a "regular" illness. At least you had time to get your homework done. Have a great time at your workshop.