Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spring Bloom Mini Quilt Progress

Here's where I am on the Spring Bloom Mini Quilt I'm making for the swap. I'm in the middle of blanket stitching down the applique on the flowers and leaves. I've got all the leaves done, now I need to do the flowers. Then I have buttons for the center of the flowers.

I have to figure out how to quilt it. Any ideas would be appreciated.


  1. Your swap quilt is turning out so pretty. I love the colors you chose -- Especially the green in the border. I'm not sure what I'd do for quilting. Maybe a diagonal grid in the middle and outline quilting in the border. You could also use the flower shapes or play off of the vines in the border. Have fun!

  2. It is very pretty. I would probably use a vine pattern on the border and outline the center pattern. Love the colors.